FROYO 2.2 I5800 XXJPF (Click Here)

Well, you have waited enough for the FROYO 2.2 (official) update for your gt i5800/5801, here’s a simple and easy way to do it right.


THINGS your gonna need :


1. Your Samsung GT i5800/5801.

2. ODIN v4.252 (Download here)

3. OPS file [Its basically a partition file] (Download here)

4. And ultimately the 2.2 FROYO firmware (Download here)

When you extract the firmware file its going to ask for a password,use this ‘samfirmware.com’.

(without the quotes)

5. A PC and a micro USB data cable (preferably the provided samsung data cable) to connect.


THE Process :


Your first step would be to BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA AND APPS. Was i loud enough….okay..

You can export your contacts to your sd card and for your apps there’s a niffty app called ‘appmonster’, which you can download from the market and backup all your apps including the market.apk to your sd and restore later.

And yeah also make sure your phone is fully charged.

By the way doing this DOES NOT void your warranty.


The process that worked for me is that i upgraded my firmware first and then factory reseted the device and its running flawlessly, but you can factory reset before upgrading too.


1. Download all the files above.


2. Extract the 2.2 firmware file to get a .tar file.


3.Now open ODIN and select the OPS file that you downloaded, then click the checkbox ‘One Package’ and at the bottom select the .tar file that you just extracted. Now close ODIN.


4. This is where the actual thing begins so be careful.

Power off your phone and remove the battery, then connect the data cable and connect it to the PC.


5. Fire up ODIN again and recheck the settings as you put earlier and then do the following on your phone


  • Press the following buttons together
  • Home + Menu + Volume + Power

(it could be volume up / volume down / volume up+down , So, try all three) untill you see something like this..


Once you get this screen, ODIN will say that your phone is connected in some COM Port.





Now just click on the START button and your phone will be updated with 2.2 FROYO.

Have a blast with froyo and its neat new features…..ENJOY!!!


For any queries leave a comment.